Botanic Sunday

This is part two of the architecture tour by Maria. We went to a botanical garden at Lincoln Park (Zoo). In the beginning, I didn't know what to expect from this botanical garden. I have seen posts from different people showing how nice and special it is inside, but at the beginning I was very disappointed as it looked like any other botanical garden. As we walked in more, we got to see more pretty areas and flowers, so I was not feeling as disappointed. 

I went there with a bunch of friends and it seemed that we spent too much time chatting that we did not get to discover the whole botanical garden (it closes at 5). Even though the building looked small from the front, actually it is pretty spacious inside! I walked a lot, but I did not complete the whole thing. I would recommend visit this place if you have any spare time and you would like to relax!

Top - H&M
Skirt - Forever XXI
Boots - H&M
Hat - Claire's


Overall we had a lot of fun! It is starting to be warmer here in Chicago, hopefully we can tour more scenic places in Chicago even outdoor! Let me know what you think and any suggestion as to places you would like me to cover around the Chicago area!

See you next time.




  1. I love your skirt!!!

  2. beyond love last pict<3


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