I'm Dancing in The Rain

I miss Etinology. I did not realized that I have not blogged for two months now, and within these two months I have been hearing good words about my blog. Me, and perhaps many people miss the time when I used to take OOTDs daily, which would be my sophomore - junior years in college. I am trying, peeps! Trying to bring the blog alive. 

This summer has been rather odd in Chicago, it has been cold and rainy. This week though, it's even worse. I mean it is only September, and I can already feel the winter chill. Having the privilege to go home early, I used the chance to spare some times for blogging! Special thanks to princess (my grandma) for taking the pictures, regardless of the light rain. 

This season.. what do I see trending? Honestly I have not been 'in the fashion circle' for a while, especially with the busy schedules this summer. But what I have noticed is lots of textures and uniforms. One of my favorite styles is the uniform. Wearing plaid skirts, sweaters and plaid shirts reminds me of college all over again. So below is my remake of school - uniform - kinda look! 

Hat - Forever XXI, Sweaters - Forever XXI, Skirt - Forever XXI, Bag - Gosh, Shoes - Unbranded (Indonesia)

I hope you enjoyed my look of the day in this post! Let me know what you think through comments below or talk to me (don't be hesitant! I love talking and chatting). Thank you for all your positive words and comments for Etinology ^^. I will try my best to keep it alive!





  1. omg! it been super awhile havent update this. :) well..all i can you look soo woman now! :)
    very miss to visit here! :)

  2. Hello Etin :) Welcome back :) Love this look , but the shoes...they're not my type :) But U're preety as always . Kisses

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