Hi! School Basics

I am not sure how many of you noticed that I kind of stole the idea of Hi! School Love On k-drama on my title of this post. I totally run out of idea what shall I name this post with, but thank you outfit.. now I know my post has a name. 

Today was a rather hot day, but since two days ago I already knew what is my next outfit post going to be. This is totally what I was thinking about minus the scarf. The stuff I wear today are for the most part my favorite items in the closet, especially the top, the skirt, the scarf, the shoes, and the bag (well that's why I said everything). You will not believe how much I love this top, and believe it or not I bought this top from.. Walmart for $12. I do have a lot of skirts and pants of different colors of different strange shapes. And this top would be one of the best candidate to match with any of the bottoms. The thing about it is that it is not like any other office blouse; you can fold the sleeve, also the top button is not too high so you can give it some swag. I can look formal, I can look non-formal, and I can look like a student (Right?) with this top! Definitely a good $12 investment - oh! I've had it for 1 year too. 

Top - Walmart, Skirt - H&M, Socks - Forever XXI, Shoes - H&M, Scarf - Gift 

Share your stories, I mean what other good basics investment have you made? Tanks? Blouses like mine? Skirts? or Pants? or purse??





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