Young and Free

Welcome back to Etinology! It is almost like I am the one that needs to be welcomed by you guys, my readers, to my own blog. I am sorry guys! Even though I have been on posting-hiatus for lots of weeks, trust me I always think of things that I should post on this blog. 

Part of my absence is of course being busy. Lately I have been making new friends, trying to expand my social circle in a new place where I live, the greater Chicago area. Apart from that, I am also signed up in many other activities which make me feel tired and sleep deprived. These days, though, I have always tried to reduce my stress by thinking more positively: Even if I screw up, I will still be alive. I am young, I am free.. I want to do as many positive things as I can. My uncle told me, it does not matter what the result is.. what matters is that I try and I will not regret it in the future. So right now I want to make my life less stressful and just go with the flow, go with my passion and heart. I am still young.. I am free (since I don't want to not be free ever in the future). 

Today's outfit is back to the street and sweet style of mine. Enough, I mean enough with the sweaters and jeans. You know Chicago was hitting 90F today? I need something short and light but still fun! So this afternoon as soon as I arrived home, I pulled this outfit. I heard some people personally commented or talked to me saying that I have a 'fun' style, and even though my style changes throughout times - I still keep the 'me' touch into my styles.

Personally, I am not a big fan of big brands.. most if not all of my styles are <$100 per whole outfit. I continuously change, fashion does too, so I personally do not want to spend so much for something that I will only wear once or twice. Street style for the most part is affordable; it is simple - you just gotta add a bit of sweet swag to it. That's why I love the Summer Sweet Street Style (4S baby!). All you need for this kind of style is just sneakers + hats. Whatever you wear becomes sweety swag street style. Ok I gotta stop this, my thought becomes weird and unorganized. Move on. 

Top - Unbranded (Mangga Dua, Jakarta), Cap - Unbranded (eBay),
skOveralls - Forever XXI, Shoes - Aldo

Please excuse my plump legs and cheeks :) I know summer is coming and I need to know exactly where to hide my excess muscle (hahaha* tricky). Anyhow, feel free to share with me what you think of the style and how would you style it differently. Any other thoughts of course welcomed!

*have a fresh summer.




  1. Hi, Cath.
    I'm very like your style :) looks fabs.
    Btw, I found that you're korea lovers also.
    Hope we can share everything related korea (kdrama, songs, variety shows, etc.)
    Nice to know you.. :)

    1. Hi Laurensia thanks for stopping by! Yes definitely we should chat

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