the mighty hat

I am back from Orlando for Spring Break! And that is one of the many reasons why I have skipped some blog post week and even skip tumblr-ing running man (yes, I do have runningman blog that I made together with my k-twin). I have been enjoying the warmth and the fun of disney and universal studios! It was all great. But I always go home tired every day from 8am - 11:30pm every single day I will be out in theme parks walking the whole day. So after I am back to the hotel I can only shower warm water and then dead asleep. But now, before exam week come to hunt me again, I have some little time to play with Cathy my camera and remote to take picture without any tripod! 

Today I was not really in the mood to wear jeans. My skin can get itchy sometimes when I wear those, so I decided to dress comfortably with t-shirt that my aunt got me from Paris and some tights with shorts. It is cold and still snowing here in Cedar Falls, but during the day actually the weather is not that bad! Oh yea, the highlight of this post is actually my hat. I have seen this hat worn a lot by other bloggers. Unfortunately, Cedar Falls or Iowa is not as fashion as you think... So getting this hat was a bit difficult. I needed to get it online and it took this hat a while to arrive too. So sad, but glad it is here right now! welcome my new hat. (I was a bit sad, my brother told me the hat was so alay. but he just doesn't understand fashion right?)

t-shirt from my aunt , forever 21 shorts, bag from yasmeen and beah (claire's), shoes - target, hat and tights unbranded, accessories - mohair pear

So pals out there I hope you enjoyed your spring break!! I did, but I realized I was so into it that I didn't realize I got some bruises and swell on my body. My finger got blister and is now swollen so it is kinda hard to type or write. My gum also got poked by myself so now it is hard to talk and smile. My thigh also got blister and so it hurts when I sit. I never even know when I got all these and I just realized it yesterday after all the fun ended. Well, pray for me so all this swell and blisters will be gone in no time.

stay warm!




  1. You've cut your hair!
    I like it c: And love
    this edgy rockin' look
    of yours!


  2. love your hat and your looks like usual <3
    it's kinda hard to find hat like that, I can't fine one in offline shop :(
    I don't really like to shop online because we don't see the item directly and almost all stuff that i bought from online shop was different from their display image.
    can you suggest me where I can find cool and cheap things? hehhee thanks before!
    by the way, I love running man too! XD
    who is your favorite running man member?? I love kang gary! he's so cute with his poker face heheheheee
    hope we can be friends :)

    xoxo, ditth

  3. Really cool hat!!


  4. I bruise pretty easily too
    I love your HAT :)

  5. I guess you have a thing for hats and this one looks bit husky.

  6. Oh girl! I love your hat and your look :)

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