Something that attracts my eyes

I am not a typical person that goes through many Paris or New York fashion week pictures. But recently I just opened WWD and style websites often for my class. I also just updated my old tumblr blog and found this collection from D&G. That is crazily winning my heart for the Fall 2013 collection.

source:, blackfashion, labellefabuleuse

But really, don't you think it is so cool? I think it has a very artistic aspect but is still wearable at the same time. I crave every single one of the garment. I would really want to wear it. Yumm.




  1. Wow! D&G really nailed this one c:
    I love it! It's so royal and chic


  2. Woah, I'm loving the red dresses. All of these look so regal! Thanks for sharing xo

  3. Hey there!!!

    It's been a while since you blog constantly, right?? Missing your quirky personal style a lot...anyways, hope you check out my new and improved blog~

    Lotsa Love,


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