why is there a rabbit in this class?

A staff came into the sewing lab today, it's his time to clean up the mess that students made throughout the day. He asked me, "why is there a rabbit in this class?". I guess my outfit is that interesting! 

There is a lot of ways, underline: creative ways to dress and express style. Great style does not always come from people's comments, or the "you look awesome" greetings. Sometimes great style is just style that makes you happy, confident, and attract conversation such as: "I have never seen a rabbit in this class before." So, you need not to follow the October 2012 fashion trend, you need not spend your money in the upcoming Spring 2013 outfit. I'm telling you.. your bullets are: be happy. be confident. be nice. 

Thailand rabbit sweater - Glitters, Indonesia shirt - Forever 21 leather skirt . ring. ankle boots - Mohair Pear glasses

No, fashion is not expensive. You can wear T-shirt but as long as your attitude is stylish, you are the most stylist!




  1. agree with ur statement that fashion is not expensive..
    lovely outfit !
    cute rabbit <3

    thanks for ur comment on my blog,

  2. nice ankle boots :)
    and yes, you can get the cheaper fashion as long as you got the style!

  3. you look sooo sweet and cute!
    love your skirt and jumper!

  4. Ohh, your jumper is so cute, I love it! And it looks so great with this leather skirt!

  5. oh my Catherine, your words are so inspiring! I always was dependent on people's praise of "you look great" kinda stuff. K now I realize that great style is the one making me confidence (; you look super cute anyway!

  6. omg. That bunny sweater. Is adorable!! And you are totally adorable too. Great post :)

  7. There is no any different between you and that cute bunny. You are perfect on this outfit.


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