rounded collar

Another crazy weekend here at Cedar Falls. I have 116 pages of case I need to read and digest for this coming week. Knowing I hate reading, this is not going to be easy at all. But! This weekend I went to Quiceanera Dance party on campus and got to dance gangnam style there! Of course I'm so happy :) 

Past weekend I have been sticking with sweaters. It is one of the coldest October I have experienced. The sweater I am wearing is one of my favorite ones. The collar is detachable with buttons around the neck line. Yesterday I was blog-hunting and saw a blog that guides us to make collars. I think it will be fun if I make different kinds of collars and attaches it to this sweater! Idea! Idea!

Forever 21 sweater, Katie Moss denim pants, Mohair Pear Boots 

Oh happy homecoming and soon-to-be halloween everyone! I would like to hear your halloween costumes Idea!




  1. really a cute sweater! love it<3
    seems like you having a pretty awesome weekend! oppa gangnam stylee :p

  2. Awww... cute! :) love the top. Rounded collar are really cute :)

    Jewel Clicks

  3. Adorable peter pan collar! :) x

  4. such lovely simple outfit!
    looks comfy!
    style frontier

  5. Seems to be a pretty nice weekend with you had.


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