Tell me your wish!

" So tell me your wish, I'm your genie! ", every time I see turban I always think of Alladin. I know it has no connection but... I don't know, perhaps it's just my perception about it.
I don't know if I have missed the turban trend era or not, but don't you think turban is a pretty awesome fashion alert, though? I think so too. I saw a lot of bloggers wearing turban in different patterns and shape. Google it! It's so interesting!

The problem with turban, though, I think it is hard to match with hairstyles. You just need to have the 'right' bang or hairstyle to work on it. I know I got a couple of negative comments on my last turban picture. But for today, I wore it anyway.. Just because I want to do it! I had a super fun and instant photo shoot (of course) by myself in my little apartment. I did not expect the pictures to be this artistic while editing it, but suddenly my mood came and here they are:

forever 21 black dress and heels, unbranded turban bangles and stockings, gift earrings









I know I have a really bad skin and make up. I am learning how to apply make up, because I don't have that much experience. My model last year, probably almost cried when I put make up on her... so we washed it and I asked my friend to help me out til she felt happy about how beautiful she looked afterwards.
And I have this bad habit of hating lotions or cream. So, in this dry weather, even, I refuse to use any lotion/cream for my face and hands and legs. I think I need to really be a girl, but for now let me be your genie and fulfill your wish! :) 

Tell me your wish!
Love n' magic,
Catherine Au Jong



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