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Still in the middle of so many tests, but I guess it will not hurt me to post something today, it's Friday night!

Sometimes my heart and brain cry a lot... I want to create something, but I can't. Have you felt the same way? I really want to design a lot of dresses and shoes. I have so many ideas inside my head, but I cannot do it. I just do not have the skill to do it currently. I wish one day I won't say I wish I can create a dress anymore.
I want to imagine one day I live in a house with so many mannequins and dresses that I created, with the finest fabric, with the neatest threads, and with love.

Today, what I can do is blogging. So here is my post! Today I wore (not to campus) a top from Forever 21 and skirt from my lovely ex-roomy! (Hanan) She got me this Minnie Mouse skirt when she was in Disney world, Florida. I really love this skirt!!
If you don't know my birthday was actually last Christmas eve, so I have got a lot  of gifts from my friends in the States, Indonesia, my family, and my brother (even)! They have been hanging there in the first line of my closet, and guess what... this girl has been lazy dressing up for the past months. I hate it so much, because usually when I dress up my adrenaline goes up and I will be super excited the whole day, and these days I have been super stressed out.

forever 21 top and shoes , miley cryus max azria vest, claire's hair accessory, disney skirt





Apparently my new remote has not been cooperating well with me. I am trying to figure out what is wrong..
So here is my pissed looking picture: (^.^) - and no, I don't look like that everyday :) 


Snow is melting, have you girls made snow man yet?

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Anonymous1/27/2012

    Love this look!^^ It's so cute!<3

  2. cute look i like the shoes


    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. very cute the ribbon on the head ;)

  4. awwww... :( I can relate. Like I have so many thoughts and idea but I can't do it. I mean, I don't know where to start and all you can do is blog!

    I like your outfit. Like I always say you are so cute! :)

    Jewel Clicks

  5. Such an adorable outfit <3 thanks so much for the follow m'dear, will do the same :)

  6. this look somewhat reminds me of minnie mouse! hehe <3

    Passion Elixir

  7. I definitely love your style. I'm now following you. I hope you do the same ♥

    xoxo, Angela

  8. Cute outfit - love your shoes!

  9. woooo! cute outfit!! ;;) christmas spirit!

  10. you looks cute and pretty.
    love this look,it's cute acctually!

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