sad is a delayed happiness

happy - the key. I don't need to smile 24/7, you don't need to jump like you are drunk. You just need to feel blessed and share it to others. I know deep inside you have it, cos everyone does.

atmosphere top - glitz skirt - jessica simpson wedges - thailand vest 



don't worry when you are sad. It is only a delayed happiness, really. I have been writing so many emotional and sad statuses, tweets, but honestly I am sure it will be done eventually, fly away and you are happy.



Outfit of the day:
 layering! again! I love this skirt so much, bought it when I was back in Jakarta. How I wish I bought some more because they are so pretty. I also love this vest so much, I got it from Bangkok, Thailand. There are so much things to shop in Thailand, I mean, apparel. I really enjoyed the vintage, classic, cute-typed dresses shopping in Platinum and MBK Thailand. I know, I know it is not branded whatsoever, but trust me, they worth a trip to take a look. And when you have seen them, I am pretty sure you wish you have more time to shop/ you have more luggages to stack em in.
Nothing complicated with my outfit, just making it look more layered, combining the same material of the skirt with the vest. Wishing an undone look with a superdone look inside :)

p.s. If you are sad, don't hurt yourselves, it is to endless and pure to be harmed. ;p

Catherine Au Jong



  1. those shoes are awesome. where do you get all this cool stuff?

  2. love that skirt

  3. I love your skirt too! I like your outfit combination(:
    Lovely bun too!(;

    Dreamy Princess

  4. i love this outfit! it is so romantic! i hope i can go to thailand one day and shop!

  5. beautiful skirt!! you look soo pretty! :)

  6. Lovely skirt!! :)

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