I rock, how about you?

Definitely a sunny day that creates sweat. Assuming a cold morning ended up with super strong shine even going through my opaque wall. Smile you do need too, it is too bright to cry. Too bad to be sad.
Just showing, this is how I rock (n'roll): 
forever 21 cardigan, jeans, unbranded top and scarf, glitz shoes (and my real glasses)


By the way, I got tagged by Riumni from Rainbow Scapes
1.People around you would describe yourself as.. a rainbow, I know I am not, but most of my friends and family always expect me to be bright and happy always, even though lately I am a bit mallow.

2.Do you have secret talent? Just something people don’t know, but I usually make rhythm and beats with my teeth. People don’t really know because I do it while I am singing ;p

3.What's your embarrassing moment? I don’t feel embarrassed a lot, fortunately. But my most embarrassing one is probably when I peed on my pants because I can’t handle my laugh and the students in the class could see that my skirt was wet ;p


4.Do you subscribe to magazines? If yes, what are they? Not really, I used to, and it was my favorite magazine, gogirl!

5.Mention 5 things that always available in your bag, it is gonna be my blackberry, my wallet, my home key, slr camera, and junk *haha*

6.When did you start blogging: I started blogging a long time ago when I was in the beginning of senior high school, it was poem and just a diary, but then I was bored and I shut it down. I started blogging fashion and good stuff on the summer last year.


7.Who/what inspires you to blog? Many other bloggers, I really love looking at other blogs, they are amazing!

8.Who's your favorite fashion blogger? I like Rumi Neely’s (Fashion Toast) because her style is amazing! I can’t say more, just look it up ;p

9.What fashion trend you don't want to see it anymore? I always love every trend that exists, as long as it is acceptable

10.Who's your your role model? I have so many role models, every time I observe an alarming style, I would store it in my fashion brain.

11.Where store do you love to shop at? I used to like forever 21 in the first place, even though I still love it, now I really am looking into H&M, and Thailand!!!

12.What's your favorite fashion item? I love dresses and shoes – A LOT!


13.If you have money to travel, where city/country would be your destination? OK this is silly but I have always wanted to go to the North Pole (though it is not a country), and I really want to go to Seoul in Korea and Japan. They are great countries, I think.

14.If you are fashion designer, who would be your model? My model will be those who are passionate about fashion and ‘like a rainbow’.

15.If you had a chance to re-paint your chamber, what color/pattern it would be? I want to repaint my room with bright red color with white polkadots on, like Minnie mouse’s dresses. 


16.Where the place would you like to take a photoshoot? I want to take pictures on a place with MANY flowers blooming!

17.If you were a food, what would it be? Ok, this is funny. I am a pineapple, but I don’t eat fruits. I have strong passion and bright, I can make others feel a taste burst, I hope it is happiness

18.If you are a time-traveler, what time would you love to go back? Yes, I would.


19.Write three words about your blog: passionate, emotional, different. 

Catherine Au Jong



  1. cool post...its nice to know more about you too. fun photos!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. I was delighted with his blog. I will return often.

  3. Yay! So happy love the mood! :D your so cute :D


  4. aww u look so adorable in these pictures..love ur expressions!!

  5. awesome :)
    i love it :D


  6. Oh you really Rock!! Such a good day, mood and pictures! Nice...

  7. You rock that look girlie! always great to learn more about the girl behind the fun looks!

  8. I love your action shot photo! You're so expressive, I love it! Cute scarf too!

  9. pretty as always ;)

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