“Sometimes we put too much importance to ourselves
Thinking that this world is watching us
Hoping that the spotlight is directed to us
Living in fake face, fake world, fake accent, fake promise,
just so people love us


When I was a little kid, I used to think I am the only living, the others are controlled by God
I thought….. the world belongs to me



After facing phases of disappointments.. I realized
my thought trapped me..
Creating a dangerous monster,
egoism inside my body

I want to throw it out, yet I ‘m not ready
I keep on holding it tight wondering if one day I will be below the spotlight

And tears are out, I am still not ready to change
My faith of me being the main – lead actress
Please help me, please let me out of this selfishness and separate my body with my unreal faith
Cause, living this way has changed my life to a breathless word of pain and abandonment.”

Apart of my emotion, I’ve just got my first writing in UNI’s her campus posted today (about boots!) check it out!
and… here’s one of my creations for campaign
as a senate at UNI – at large:

another thing, if you haven’t know, I have changed my domain name to:
and I am so happy about it! 

Catherine Au Jong



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