time to move on

Checking out my closet and finally found my vintage top that I got from Mohair Pear. I just realized that this top is not only vintage but is also very versatile. I remembered once I received a comment on post about this top saying that this top can be developed in so many ways, now that I know it!

Early rush morning to class I took everything like whatever and finally shocked while seeing the mirror. "wow, I look like a pirate/colonial". Got some compliment today about this outfit. I guessed I actually have never dressed up like this.
mohair pear vintage top, orange vest, mohair pear boots, forever 21 jeggings belt and accessories, claire's headband



So far it is really hard to find people that understands me. Everyone seems like only knowing my outer side, expression. To note: I am good at putting mask on my face. Like an unreadable book, seems like people don't understand and cannot understand what kind of people I am.
Have been living for years, yet no one can deal well with me.

I have been trying to let my life flow in control without emotion, but my old habit of calling out this anger has come to the point again. Sometimes some people can be very .. unwilling to deal with. I hate it to be blamed, I hate it to be judged like fool, I hate it to argue with very emotional crap. Let me move on with my life, do not let my emotion come again. Like you don't understand. Like you don't know me. 


Ya, I have been posting my problems, problems, and problems. So boring right? But it is my life now. Very full of problems. Sometimes I think of what if I suddenly disappear? Will it solves my stressfulness? My hands feel like flying and slapping something. 
But I guess.. It's the time to move on from my childhood anger to a mature Catherine. Do not ever underestimate me.. I will always move on and shine, then reach my dream.

And now it is the time to change, the time to evolve, the time to move on.

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Lovin the high waisted belt.


  2. You look so unique with gothic looks!
    Love the outfit you wear on these pics

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  3. nice bunny headband and boots !

  4. Cute outfit !
    Look my blog and follow me if you want xxx

  5. Very Nice xoxo

    http://145thandchloe.blogspot.com/ I think you'll love it.


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