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To kill heart pains, I decided to put so much power on dancing keep on dancing since I've got the chance to do so. I want to combat my pains and switch it to happy color of my current life. I did enjoy the night and I love it a lot indeed. My friends were all coming and I bet they also had fun. 




Being on stage is one of my favorite thing. I love performing, actually. Because I love to express my emotion and I want to introduce myself to others. A lot of people underestimated me, a lot. Sometimes it hurts my heart. But I have gazillion secrets that people have not know about me, I will try to reveal it one by one. As the show is on. 



Dancing is one of my favorite passions. When I am dancing, I feel like I am giving out energy and feeling that I have inside. I always feel happy after I dance. I hope I can always dance the whole life.


This is me and my sister, Yeshi, from Tibet. She has a great confidence, she has great care. I love her so much.. And she reminds me of my family. We danced together and everytime I dance with her I always feel the confidence boost coming towards myself. It is always amazing to have people that love you and you can trust.
In our campus, we have this new dance called Interlude. It has became very famous. Last night when the music played everyone was running to the dance floor and danced the song. It was superfun. I really enjoyed it!

The photo above is me and my friends. Most of them are from my year: Fall 2009. I am happy and amazed to realize that we have known each other for nearly 2 years, yet we are still in a strong bond. Having a friend is one of my most precious treasures.. They are my soul and passion.
The photo below is me and my friend, Min Ji. She is one of my friend in marketing class. I just knew her this semester, and I hope I can know her better.
I'd really love to hang out together with her more often and ... of course have dinner in Ippa! ;p


These girls are again, my roommates. 1 year nearly passed. We have been living together and soon Natalie is going to leave. I am so sad, because we won't be able to gather in this house again as I am going to move out with my brother who is coming here as well. There's no more random girls talk :( but I will only year grumpy anger caused by a lost of Manchester United soccer team (hoaaam... :(( )


TC! The Cat (Panther) is my unversity's mascot. Yesterday he came to the party to crown the King and Queen. They deserved it as I observed that they danced really well indeed. Hey, I also got the chance  to dance with TC. It was awesome.. But one thing I am curious of... who is inside TC??? He or she sure needs valentine's party right?



The dance yesterday night was superfun. And I got to release all the stress so now I need to get ready for school stuff again. Bless me. 
(funny idea to tie balloons to glasses ;p )
The day ended so neatly, we went to have late dinner at ippa! And, we went to the asian guys' house to watch movie. Because... REGI came! (he is the other indonesian who used to go to UNI, but he left me alone :(( ) So, yes.. I went home at 4 a.m. Anyway, it worths. 

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Totally agree - dancing is a good way to let out emotions.
    I dance hiphop and modern :)
    You look reallly nice in that dress! So pretty!


  2. Anonymous2/12/2011

    aww, i love to dance!
    guess you had great FUN party :)
    thank you for following me sweethear <3
    check out my newest post if you like
    you have a cute blog :)

  3. whoa ur campus life sounds so fun!:)

    u should post ur dancing video later i guess:)

    Journal J

  4. waww,,so fun party :)
    the dance remind me when i was join in cheerleader team in senior high school..miss that time so much..
    visit mine if u mind..
    we can follow each other and be a friend

  5. hi, thx for following me. i'll follow yours too =)

  6. cute in pink..
    looks so much fun

  7. seems you had so much fun!
    love your hair! you look great!
    don't let people underestimate you.. cheers! :D

  8. amazing posttttttttttt ~~~
    aaaaa i love this post so much. amazing photos. amazing you!! :D
    you dance really well (i watched your dance with choengsam)
    and yeah me too. i love dance, but now i don't have time as i'm turning the wheel into... volleyball !!!! :D


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