sister's and brother's childhood and ambition -disclosed.

Sorry for haven't been blogging fashion and being so active these days.
I am now in Jakarta, Indonesia. Digging past memories with my families (my friends are still fighting over their finals)!
I am so happy as I walk to my home, it feels there is too much precious moments and treasures left here.
And so, I decided to share to the web about our rooms:

    as soon as I arrived, my mom bought me these cute thingies. n.b: I just know that my mom also is a daily reader of my blog, and as I saw her blackberry I saw my previous header's used as a wallpaper of her bb! :) so nice of her! - hei ma!

yes, surprisingly my room is not red, nor pink!

some stacks of SAT books for my preparation few years back. And surprisingly, a set of MAC
that my brother got but rarely got to use it :)

many birthdays pictures - since a little til now. Birthday is the most important precious day for me
throughout the year. I always love the feeling of being born and lucky.

My mom and families love documenting moments, hence there are at least thousands of pictures
and hundreds of videos since I was so little until today.

these buddies are gifts! I guess my friends really know what I love, what I life.

photobox, photoshop, photobooths. I have em. 
Pictures with my best friends, my organization, my english course place, teammate, exbf.
They are here. (the picture with the blue background and red shirt is when I was very skinny I think it was like 39 kilograms and my friend mocked me saying that I looked like labors - TKI)

when I was in school I actually love writing and stationaries. I have tons of pencil cases and pens
fancy ones. I just can't resist them.

not only pencil case apparently, I also love barbies. 

caricature of me playing drum as when I was in highschool I joined some bands 
as a vocalist or drummer :)

Hall of fame: academics and debating trophies. 

clinton (my brother) and catherine

Now you probably have guessed whose room I was at.
Clinton, yes it is him!

And you have probably guessed what's his ambition right?

There are two beds, hmm are you staying together with your brother, cath?
The answer is.. nope. But we used to live in this room together
and as we fought each and everyday over who's gonna sleep directly facing the aircon
my fam decided to separate us, and unfortunately I need to pick my luggages up to the other room :(

and seems like my brother's love towards this team has just grown too much.
This thing surprised me, was in the fridge, barbecue corn snack labeled Manchester United! >.<

That's him about 2 years ago.

Clinton and his collection while watching a football match. hey that collection place used to be my dressing
table where I put my accessories and mirror! >.<

but no matter how he loves this team, his childhood is still right there,
remain unchanged:

pic taken at window of the world in China in 2000

Our ambition and maturity is growing, grow and I feel like we are both really grown ups now.
But still, our childhood and memories are still there and became part of us
holding us back.
I really love my brother, and hope this brother sisterhood will always in harmony forever.

Mom and dad:

and to share some cute thing I spotted while I travel back through cedar rapids, colorado, seattle, tokyo and bangkok!
new buddy from bangkok wearing hanbok: mimi

Alright, time to get off and finish my nostalgic journey in my city :)
Hope you have fun and do well in exams!

Enter my GIVEAWAY :)

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. This was a great post, loved seeing all the pics! Wish my room look like that and I love all the stuffed animals!

  2. lovely post :) cute pictures

    check out my holiday gift guide pt.1 and tell me what's your favorite.
    (to those of you who haven't visited my blog yet, follow if you like please thanks!)

  3. so now ur back in track in jakarta :) super great! your photographs when ur little looks a lot like your cousin and ur bro is a football freak :p totally love all of the shots <3



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