many dollies.

there are so many good times I have experienced back in Jakarta, but still sad times: traffic jam, internet stupidity, and where are my friends?
I believe they were the ones that roared where was I that I never got to come back home. Now that I am here being ignored, not even one text or communicating at least. Seriously guys, you are all ignoring this rare chance making me wonder if I should go back home for a visit next time.

Good things I still have many families and dollies. With so many colors wake me up from loneliness and color my  blue days.

wearing: unbranded denim jumpsuit , NEXT top, UNI necklace, Alloy clogs

Introducing some dollies. buddies:
a doll from my ex.

 dolls from my primary school friends.

dolls my mom bought me 10 years back, they are scented!

a doll from my uncle.

a doll from my bestfriends.

dolls from my parents' wedding.

dolls since I was a baby

a doll from my brother's birthday party.

and so when I realized, actually there are still significant number of people that love me and
care about me, handing me this dollies to accompany me.

Going back to highschool for a while to visit my organization:

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. wowwwwwwwwwww you've got those bunch of dolls!!! really cool :D
    anw,maybe your friends are still having their exam? cause i'm having my exammmmm~ :D

  2. thank you sweets! Your photos are just so wonderful I love seeing all your stuffed animals and that you still have them :) I still have my most treasured ones!

  3. wow that is so many dolls!!!!

  4. Cool pictures with thise dolls!

  5. you really have bunch of dolls !
    i also want xp

  6. the dolls

  7. woah you have LOAAADDDSSS of dolls there !

    glisters and blisters

  8. Anonymous12/16/2010

    That is a bunch of dolls! I had to throw all my stuffed animals away when I went off to college :(

    xo Sherrie

  9. thanks for your comment.. those dolls are cute.. they remind me to my childhood

  10. lovely photos and cute dolls!!

  11. wow so many dolls
    very cute background

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