Wear it with PRIDE

It has been quite a long exciting day. A lot of obstacles since the morning came I walked on heels for quite a while: 20 minutes to the science hall. Carrying 2 full bags of books and cameras.

I won't bother those frustrating crap, instead I want you to know how proud I am with diversity in my campus today.
It is an image loaded post :)

This is one of my three Kebayas, Indonesian or you can say Southeast Asian cultural clothing
which are usually worn during ceremonies and weddings. 

I am not going to bore you a lot, but to the pointly I will just directly share my pictures of the rockin' fashion show that my acha, yeshi, coordinated today.

Me and Laura, one of my friend in St. Stephen Church's choir team.

This is me and my friend, Eva, who is dressing up with Egyptian belly dancers' costume
She was rockin the stage!

Me, spotted by my exroommate, Hanan, who was carrying my dslr.
We were inviting people's attention towards the hemisphere lounge where we did the
cultural clothing fashion show parade

This is Justyna, she was representing Poland. 
And, yes, she is a Polish.

His name is Umaru. He was representing Guinea Bissau with his awesome spirit!

These are my friends from India, Ramya. And the other one is American, Becca.
Becca has been to over 15 countries, she said. And India was one of those! 
She is awesome! Oops, they are ;p

This is Maliha, and she is from Tanzania. 
I really love and always envy her cultural clothing. So fresh and attractive!

Honestly, I don't know who's that dude with saudi arabia banner on.
But, the one at the back is my brother! Ali, who came from Saudi. He's a nice guy.

My roommate's there: Mayeesha, from Bangladesh. And the other one is Diana 
who is also very active and close to international students on campus!

They are my friends from South Korea: Jeong Hwa and So Mang.
I really love hanbok!! by the way I also have those even though not as elaborate:

Eva, the diva, again. With her swirly sexy belly dance representing Egypt!

He is also my brother from Nepal, Choekyab. 
Wait, he is not 100% Nepalese! He is a 50:50 with Tibetan ;p so you see his eyes are small like stitches. 

China, a country with exotic culture, so said.
Shefei, and *unknown to me*, and Liang Nan were representing China with three different clothings

These two are cool as well. Ugyen Dolma and Dhundul Thokmey.
They are Tibetan exiled to India. So they've spent most of their time in India.
I've just spent the weekend with them making 'momo', Tibetan dumpling for special occassions. 

Brenda and *unknown ;p*, representing... MEXICO!
I always enjoy mexican music and culture!

Again , I don't know him. One thing for sure he is from Morocco. And That was my first time
seeing Moroccan cultural clothing. Amazing times.  

His name is Isaac, and, he was representing Germany. 
Do you remember Hansel and Gretel? It is. 

and that was me, representing Indonesia, with music 'Yamko Rambe Yamko' played.

Fashion show cutout video:

and many more, that I have not describe yet.

To summarize, the whole day was a complete awesomeness: going with cultural clothing to classes, arranging fashion show and learn a language table as International Student Promoter, as well as... ehm I went to Focus on Brazil to learn Brazilian culture. 

I am sorry for over information that I gave, but I believe it will be useful for some of you to know.
I just think that not posting these is a lose of opportunity to educate.

So there you go, my blog can as well contain information instead of fashion solely.

Ehm, I have a big exam on MIS tomorrow, so life's gotta get going and I will stop here.
I hope you enjoy my post!



  1. oh it's so fun to see the cultural diversities!


  2. So cool that you wore batik ! And I'm so jealous to know that you study in the states . Hahah . Good luck for your tests :)

  3. wauw I loved reading this post :) So cool all those traditional outfits!!! Very lovely blog :)



  4. Very cool, the videos and pictures are awesome too.
    and btw I'm 100% Nepali and 100% Tibetan at the same time,hehe.

  5. you look so soooo cute in that dress!!

  6. Nice photos!
    You look beautiful!

    Kisses from Poland

  7. how cute are you! im all about cultures. im korean but was was born in argentina and now ilive in the states!


  8. Thanks for the kind comment all, I appreciate it
    This event touched my heart real deep as well.
    <3 hope next time some bloggers will post any about cultural clothing


  9. You look so lovely and red looks great on you!

  10. absolutely gorgeous, you look lovely and it was interesting to see how people dress in other countries.


  11. gorgeous outfit, looks like you had a great time and good look in your exam!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  12. nice post and a nice event at your univ:)
    i love hanbok too<3


  13. Owh that's very cool! :) An Indonesian representative



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