Guess who will care about whether a tradition is gone? suck it.
"I never care, 21st century lifestyle is cool for me".

wrong you are wrong.

With this post I beg, I wish you will never forget your heritage and background.. because
tradition and culture is all about you.
without you it will all vanish, and extinctificationized, so I called.

So, as my roommate's mom came to our house and granted me this amazing Bangladeshi piece of clothing I was about to jump, so happy. And thought if I can help develop this to be applicable using in daily basis.

wearing: top- from my roommate's mom, jegging- forever 21, flats- american eagle, heels- forever 21, 

Nothing to worry, do not afraid of people making fun of you. Cos they will NOT. 
They are jealous of you and your pride of your culture. 
Again, it is all about YOU. 

Now be responsible, you made it extinct, please bring it back to the surface.
For it is about you and me, and about the reality.

Bring it back, don't let it extinct.....

n.b. Random discount I saw in some web sites:

Steve Madden for $65.99 - Free Shipping 
Steve Madden Yasmin Knee High Boots for $99.99 instead of $229.95 
Steve Madden - $69.99 instead of $149.95 
And they are all new. Hold on, I did not tell you to buy all. Judge, whether you really need it or not.

Pair of Clogs for $23.04 

Suedette Boots for $26.24

Bucket bag for $18.24

Again, no force.. :))

So by the way, hope that this post will help you and be informative as well as persuasive
Hope you enjoy the sunny day out.

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Those are great shoes, love the look as well.

    Remember your heritage, don't let yourself be 'extinctificated!'


  2. that is such a cute little red top!! love it! and gorgeous shoes!


  3. you look awesome and i totally love your top!


  4. great shoes you got there!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I loove your shoes <3


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