State of disillusionment

wearing: dress- unbranded, blazer- forever21, bag- forever21, stocking- George, accesories- claire's and DIY, 
braided heels- forever21

Tell me the real story, because I'm disillusioned by you. 
And if you don't, I will keep my mindset just like this.

Disclose who you are and if it changes my image about you then be it.

Why would such words came out and hurt me a lot?
Because of trust? Because of impressions?
Please say it's all bullshit, because that's not what I see today.

NO, I am not special
Nor I am looking for being the special one.
I just ask for something realistic, and acceptable, not a different demand than others. 

if you talk about others, please see me
cos I am no different, but I am just doing what I am doing
keep going and running, be good, be calm, and ask if such thing possible. 

Or then tell me it was fake, that my perception was correct
that it was just a short lie, 
so I trust
not tears, but caprices.




  1. Love the outfit. The lipstick looks really good on you!

  2. the black lipstick is gorgeus! love d words =D

  3. Thanks for all the nice comments.
    my lipstick's just broken
    Makes me wanna cry so bad. :(



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