I want it colored

It is a very weird semester and week, everything seems fast. Believe it or not, but this would be my 1st semester of blogging while studying during the semester. I did blog before, but it was about my personal life and diaries.. Not style posts. 
I think being far away from my hometown, Jakarta, I've outdated for some reasons. I mean I did not know that blogging back home was famous until I found out myself throughout the web. It was first overwhelming for me, because usually back home I am one of the most up-to-date person in my school. 

wearing: top- miley cyrus max azria, blazer-unbranded, trousers- unbranded,
belt and glasses-claire's, brogues and accessories- forever 21, hat- target

Sticking to my feeling of outdated, I am preparing myself to be updated in a month since I am 98% going home for stuff. My friend also asked me out to visit Thailand, I hope it is going to be planned well. 

Winter, oh I mean December is always the most exciting month for me. Please exclude the final, I am celebrating christmas and my birthday at once. Even though it is pathetic in which my family always merge the present into one, but I always enjoy the feeling of those days. New year is another time I enjoy the most 
Me and my friend, we always go to an outdoor cafe to enjoy the fireworks, so pretty. 

Why 'I want it colored'? - because this morning I had no mood to dress up to my classes. But then my super powerful colorful belt told me that, "you should!".
I said, "Alright, alright.. I will...."
So, thanks to the belt now that I can have blog post for the day.

Oh by the way, this is my vado that I've been telling you. I've decided to name her Creatine. (Creative Catherine~) I know the name sounds creepy, but... haha I hope it is true. 
This camcorder is not really expensive, I mean I bought it for $34 dollar before shipping, but the picture taken pays: great pixel for such camcorder. And it is in High quality!

And this is one of my favorite shoes. Looking at this picture I feel like I should have more time to clean my shoes, right? I will do it sometimes in December.
Please help me pack what are stuff I need to bring home to Jakarta? Should I bring any shoes back?

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. 
Hope you all have a great week with beautiful weirdy weather in Iowa... hmm 70F during the end of Fall.. Really???
But just follow the flow, right? ;p

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Anonymous11/10/2010

    The weather looks fabulous, wish I was there.

  2. love your childish look with all that pink color. the shoes are great btw!

  3. so fun, and great shots, plus cute poses as always :)


  4. aw I love the pink blazer you are wearing!

  5. love those shoes, and that pop of pink color!



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