Rain 'oh rain

"Oh I wish I bring my camera now.."

I really enjoy photography.. a lot.
It's like transferring what you see to a dimension,
that you want other to see.

There are so many perspectives in this world.
and I want to be a small part of it, a little point of view.
and hope in the future, my vision can be dominant :)

- a wish of a small photographer.

not so good quality of pictures because I used my blackberry mobile uploads ;p
see.. I wish I brought my camera

I want , so much, to take pictures of the drip of water from the leaves.

By the way, yesterday I went to a career fair on my campus
it was the longest time I've ever been in the fair

Well technically now I'm a sophomore, and there's not much company that have an internship opportunity
but I just want to see how big my chance is to get jobs and so on.
my roommate walking to the career fair with professional outfit and resumes for sure!

and I just realized that possibly there's really not much opportunity!! :(
so I have to work harder in order to get my dream..

my dream is not working with finance actually, it's something else that I believe can be reached
if I go to finance major,
but ... I think yesterday there wasn't much company needing finance major. Most of them need accounting :(
so what should I do?? I don't really like accounting..

I hope I can survive!!

What is your major?? What is your dream?
I would like to hear it from you.. <3

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. Such fun photos, love the outfit :D
    And my major was Graphic Design, my dream is to work at Vogue :p

  2. good luck with your dreams!

  3. cute looks <3 and i have the exact same shirt you wore on the first picture, isn't it f21?


  4. great post and you will be fine xxxxx


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