Opaque Identity

Today is a lazy day, unfortunately I only got to sleep for like 6 hours because I went for church choir today.. and the rest? I thought I'm going to study a lot, but can't do much because my eyes that are normally less then 1cm already begged me to close even more :( too bad!

Yesterday I just had a housewarming party in my apartment.
It was nice, but apparently not much people showing up.
Oh well, IDC.

I want to be able to speak a lot of languages. 
I am Indonesian, yes it's true and I sort of proud of it because I'm unique.

wearing dress from mom, earrings from claire's and cardigan from Indo :p (*wink)

I am unsure about who I am.
My grandparents migrated from China and Hongkong. My parents were born in Jakarta
so let's call myself Jakarta-nese ;p

However I sometimes feel sad,
because neither my parents nor my family members taught me how to speak Chinese or any 
other language that they speak..
I studied at school but I was a lazy pig that cheated a lot during the exam. 

but actually I don't really care about it.
I want to be able  to speak fluent Korean, because in some way my fam members and 
friends told me that I look like Korean.. So, I want to speak it!
hope one day I can do exchange program to Seoul National University 
and learn the language <3

but the most important thing is 
because that's what you want to be, be it! it will be. 

some pics of the house warming party (simple but jollifying)

friends and roommates. 

me and the Malaysians. 

three unobservable guys.

Chinese budds. ;p


(the art of make up that I learned from seeing my highschool theatre team's performance 
on Sampek Engtay ;p )

now do you understand when I said the most important thing is being HAPPY?

WHAT is the HAPPIEST thing ever in your life? 
Share me your stories. I'd love to hear it, my fellow bloggers ;p 

Love and hugs.
Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. you look awesome and that party looks fun i wish i could fast forward the time so i can go to the univ asap :)
    you look like my cousin friends alot , her name's jacqueline idk if it's just me or are you guys related :P


  2. great shots! it seems you had so great fun :) ah i miss hanging around with my friends :( i'm going to have my test


  3. you always look like you have so much fun. I love your dress (wish I could see the whole dress ;)) I know I'm very late to say this but I love your new header :)


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