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Today I feel so free after the exam yesterday night, so I woke up so late and I did mostly ' nothing '
Since my aunt and my grandma went out to the hospital, I pretty much have no one to talk, coz my grandpa's kinda busy with his TV... So ... I decided to do a little bit of own styling with some pull offs from my Aunt's closet,, I mean
okay I'm not genius in fashion .. but I can do it ;p

The best thing is that I found lots of unique stuffs in her closet because most of her clothes are from the 80s and 90s.. cool huh??
Well.. Let me explain how that happened:

Outfit: White dress- no brand, Zebra Scarf- no brand, Denim vest- no brand, Belt- Versace, Shoes- Gosh
Rings - Forever XXI, Bangle- Navy Pier, Chicago

next, I'm gonna give you another look

outfit: Victorian Long Blouse- no brand , Leopard Fur Coat- Forever 21, Jeans- Giordano
Belt- ?? borrowed from my aunt, Platform shoes - Forever 21

accessories: Bangle- Navy Pier, Chicago, Small bangles- walmart , Ring - Forever 21, Heart Bangle - online shopping

and the third look:

outfit: White top - no brand, Belt - no brand, Skirt- J.crew, Shoes- Fioni

Accessories: Alice Bracelet- online shopping , Ring - Forever 21

Last but not least.....

Outfit: Vest - no brand, Skirt - no brand, White blouse-GAP, Belt- no brand

Those are my inspirations today.. I really want to think more about it 
but I was too tired and just no longer in the mood (it's too much too, rite?) 
So maybe nexxt nexxxxt timee....

How's your day??? 
Tomorrow I'm departing to Dallas, TX. 
to meet 2 of my cousins and my uncle, aunt.

so I hope it'd be fun

Have a great great day all

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



  1. i like the first outfit, and the top in the third look!

  2. Thank you :D yea I like those too :D Old fashion but rock! isnt it.?

    Thanks for the feedback

  3. uuuuh, looks like you had a lot of fun with those findings :) the first outfit is my number 1 favorite!

    Hugs Meelusha :)
    Thanks for following me on http://meelusha.blogspot.com/

  4. hehe i love all of these photos! super cute xx

  5. hey...nice styling! always fun to play dress up..n the first look is fab!

    P.S thanks for the follow! do stop by again...


  6. Thanks all ya. I did have fun!
    Thanks for being my followers!

  7. cute looks catherine :)
    have fun at dallas


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