outside the box

I feel very free today! Because..... I'm kind of done with my western civilization class

Finally! I really hated it! So much..
Today I am just doodling around and when I took a bath I got some inspirations on shoes and stuffs 
wanna see? Let's go!

my Legoland shoes: Wedges and Pumps
I don't know if it is realistic enough but I believe that actually we can make it! :)

Focus on the legoland pump
what do you think :) ??

Arabian Fantasy Pumps.
I know looks like Alexander McQueens' :(( but really What I thought was
a gypsy styled shoes (point on front) and I tied the metal to the ankle part
and the empty part accessorized with hanging stars (Arabian) 
and pointing heels made to strengthen the spirit of arabian night ;p

last but not least:
Gripping Hands Shoes (Heels)
It's like that! (shown) hands and glass to keep the bottom part
bangles as if it was really hand
and another gripping hand on the ankle part to make it stronger
I still was confused about this one
but it kept on popping up on my mind ;p blah.

and by the way.. I just want to post some pics in the disneyland , Anaheim
since I haven't got a chance to post it at all! :(

Me and my highschool friend, Novi in front of the Disneyland!

in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle

Tarzan's house >.<

Alice's cup!!

cool party time!

Toontown :D fave spot!

with princesses - Arielle and Cinderella 

me and Novi :) with Novi's instax

and the nicest night EVER!


The Fireworks, worked like my wishes
shooting stars and fairies came 

that was just perfect .

Thanks God. you gave me such a meaningful night -
Wishes never end. Love does too. 

Catherine Catarina Au Jong



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