A Daydream and Dream About My Future

Today.. 6th March '10
I woke up in the morning and facing loneliness in the bus stop, grocery, and restaurant. The whole day I was alone.
This dream keep on going back and forth in my thought today
I want to live by my self. When I grow up, I want to live in an apartment in a big city.
I want to grant a giant house for my mom and dad close to me ( still dilemma though, I want them to live in a very peaceful place while I wanna live in crowds )

Every break or rest times I will pick them up there and ask them out to beautiful spots not only here but around the world. I know my parents will be happy if I bring them around Europe and Japan!
I will take them out for lunch, dinner, and always take care of them.

For my brother... hmm... (hard! ;p)
Actually I hope I can work and gain a lot of money and pay for his dream job (soccer player)
I want to see him happy.

I know business might not be my dream job. Personally, I like something that involves my imagination and not science nor 'seriousness'. And I know neither of me and my brother love business (I know it!). Thus I can do business now in order to support my brother and my family's dream.
I hope I can always pursue my dream to. I want to learn fashion design in New York.
I was thinking If I could work in business field and pay my tuition for art institute.

I've been so lonely today...
But I feel fine, I feel okay with that and used to it.
so... I think I will live this way too in the future

Maybe I can visit my friends home sometimes..
Playing with little baby and talking with them. Kezia, David, Malvin, Goldwan, and YoonMi, Danli.
I can come to their place sometimes. I love them too.

I can bring my family to my aunts and uncles' places too!
I can!! I want to make everyone happy. I really want to.

I don't know why these days I also do not see any importance of having my own family or husband
I don't know why really... I think it might disturb my future plan maybe?
So.. really , I might not want to build my own family. (sorry for my mom or dad if you guys disappointed with me)

hmmm. ya
going to grocery by my own, working by my own, living alone. I think it's a plan for me

Well I can hang out with my family too and my friends!

I hope this plan can make everyone happy. For me, of course this is happy

1. Happy-ing my parents
2. Make my brother dream as a soccer player in Man. Utd comes true
3. Make my friends HAPPY and go to their house regularly
4. Make my family unite and happy
5. Pursuing my dream as a fashion designer by working in business field.

6. I want to come to God happily and satisfied by making everyone happy.

And I went back to UNI .. I didn't stop thinking about that.

I hope this will come true...




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