How to Strike a Pose

Confidence - if you have it, you will make everything look good. - Diane Von Furstenberg

OOTD here, OOTD there. How do instagrammers strike a pose? How fashion bloggers look confident on camera? Ever feel curious? I actually do watch a lot of YouTube videos where famous fashion bloggers or instagrammers teach their subscribers how to pose on OOTD pictures, but I would like to share with you today my version of posing, and it may be a bit crazy, because I am one crazy person, but.. I hope it still helps you own your poses and pictures.

I will split my posing tricks to three groups: 1) The Cover Girl, 2) The 'Own It, Girl!', and 3) The Candid Pretender

The Cover Girl
Is a pose where you try to follow poses you see on magazines, fashion instragrammers, or fashion bloggers. Basically you slay your hair, you swag your outfit and pockets, stand like a model: sideway or from the front. Feel free to play with the positioning of your arms and leg: let it fall naturally, or put it in your pant's pocket. Open up your legs to look stronger or cross your legs to make it look skinnier. If you take the picture sideways, make sure there is a play on the legs, lift one up a little bit on the toe, so you can see the other legs. Smirk and don't smile too huge. You're expensive, girl, you are expensive - you are the cover girl <3 p="">

The 'Own It, Girl!'
Is a set of poses where you spread out to the world your attitude. Own your personality, own your attitude, own the moment. In these pictures below, I try to own the personality of the wall: fun, strong, and give no crap ^^. I like this kind of pose the most, because I can feel me and it's always so fun to see the pictures. I know not a lot of people likes to show their weird side, but whether it'd be your polite, calm, or weird side, it's still you. Don't be scared to show you to the world!

The Candid Pretender
This is sooo common these days, but pretty much us pretending that the pictures are candid. The trick for this is pretend pretend pretend. I almost always pretend I walk forward and look elsewhere, pretend I talk to someone else and look away from the camera, pretend I am looking at my shoes or coffee and look away from camera. The key is do not see the camera itself. Don't care what the picture taker is doing, just keep doing what you are doing. 

Now you know how to strike three basic poses? Try it! The more you try it the better you will be. 
Don't be afraid and give it a chance!

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