How to Look Lean in Pictures!

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Top - Gift from my Aunt | Bottom - Romwe | Boots - Charlotte Russe | Sunnies and Earrings - Micha 

Who does not like looking leaner in pictures? Whether you are a famous instagrammer or a community facebooker, you want to look great by looking leaner, showing off your long legs and slim body. Even though I am not that curvy myself, I also always want to make sure in each picture my legs are always elongated and my body looks long and slim. To accomplish that goal, I have a few tips that I would like to share with you.

One.  Wear outfit that makes you look good. 
If you know you have good curve and you are proud of it, show it off with some bodycon dress or bodycon skirt! If you have long legs and you want to show it off, wear short skirt so people can see how beautiful your legs are. If you have beautiful abs and you want the world to acknowledge it, wear some crop top and appreciate it. If you have beautiful collarbone and you are happy with it, wear off shoulder tops or dresses. Find the best area of your body and accentuate it. If you don't feel comfortable with any part of your body, nothing is wrong with covering them up: wear maxi skirt, jeans, bundle up with some vest, blazer, oversized sweaters, oversized shirts, or jackets. Make sure though, if you are on the curvier side, do not wear maxis up and down, because you may look bigger than you really are. Play with skinny bottom and oversized top, vice versa. 

Two. Use wide angle lens. 
I use DSLR camera when taking most of my pictures. My current favorite lens is fish eye, because when I stand in the middle, it makes me look leaner and taller. The lens actually captures wider area than other lens, which push the middle to be smaller. Be careful though when using this lens, try not to stand towards the edge or ends of the image, because this will make you look wider and distorted big time. 

Three. Wear your heels. 
Confession confession! I pretty much only wear my heels during photo shoot. Heels are great tool that helps elongate your legs. I personally don't really like my calves and thighs because they are chubby. Wearing heels always makes my calves look slimmer and more toned. Good look, good look. 

Four. Tip Toe it. 
Doesn't matter whether you wear heels or flats, tip toeing helps. Similar to wearing heels, tip toeing helps make you look taller and make your legs look slimmer. Crossing your legs in the picture also helps. Learn your body, stand in front of the mirror when wearing the outfit, what poses looks best and can make you look the leanest! 

Last. Con. Fi. Dent
At the end of the day, great body and grumpy face do not make great pictures. Own it, girls and guys! Feel your outfit, be the person you wanna be, smile it or pout it - rock it. Smiling lean chick is better than sullen lean chick. Looks like you are malnutritioned and poor, no good yo! 

Now you get all these tips of mine, get out and apply these tips and tricks! Show me your pictures and hope that these tricks help you become the ever popular instagrammer or simply the favorite community facebooker. Good luck!

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