Big Flamingo and My Favorite Hues

Trust Life a Little Bit

Top - Forever XXI | Skort - Top Shop | Necklace - Micha
Purse | Aldo - ASOS | Platform Heels - Nine West 

When you were 17, you think life in the 20s will be better. When you are in the 20s, you think life in the 30s will be better, and when you are in the 30s, you think life in the 40s will get better. We always strive for the better of everything. We think our life is not good, worse than others. 

Trust me, not that I want to preach about God, but I believe that our creator is a great author; knows how beautiful our life is and will be. Trust life a little, and it will bring you happiness. 

Talking about these pictures above, I actually took them some times back. So far this is definitely my favorite mural! The colors: pink and blue are the best! Plus I got to snap this picture with Edo. So awesome! I feel bad for Edo though because it was such a hot day and she needed to stay there with us for quite a while. Thanks Edo and Mrs. Flamingo for the beautiful pictures!

Big Flamingo Murals 
200 W Ohio St, 1st Floor, Chicago, IL 60654



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