Bag Hunt: Farbod Barsum

“Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag”

That’s what people say. You can dress yourself with a t-shirt and ripped jeans, but one awesome purse will do you great favor. I’ve never been that big into purses and bags, but lately after looking around other bloggers’ and instagrammers’ picture, I have started scanning around for bags and purses.
Through my blog, I came across Farbod Barsum, a Beverly Hills based design house that manufactures exotic skin handbags and accessories. They sell exotic bags and purses and offers a great selection of items made of ostrich skin to genuine snakeskin handbags. Their products are made in the U.S. and their products are sourced responsibly, which is great! We get the coolness, and it’s still environmentally friendly! (About Farbod Barsum)

So I browsed into their products and found that a lot of their products are really designed for fashionable career women. As a young professional woman/ fashion blogger, their product line that interests me the most was their clutch. I’m not big into huge purses that can carry books and laptop, but since I normally only carry my phone, wallet, and keys, these clutches would do me the work. Why is it special to me? I think these products look very elegant and fashion forward and it seems to be designed for those empowered and strong women out there.

Check out some of these products:

I am super loving this one clutch. It’s something that I can wear in any season: summer or winter. I love the color block detailing here; the black, grey, and white are really interesting. It just pleases the eyes. It is totally something that I can wear to the office or out and about.

Guess what? Navy Blue is IN this Fall! If you are aiming for the season’s trend, I bet this clutch will do you the magic. The color and shape are just classic and ageless. You can wear it any time, any year, and you would never be out of fashion.


Now.. If you want to go more eccentric and all out, I think this super metallic blue clutch is the answer. The color just pops! Totally something I would wear for a night out or even formal occasion. Stocking up for your holiday parties? This clutch maybe a great companion to your party outfit!

And girls never get enough of Swarovski! This Swarovski decorated clutch is just amazing. It is something that I can totally wear to special occasion and parties. Lovely design and details isn’t it?

Check out more clutch, bag, and accessories collection in Farbod Barsum! They have a great amount of awesome stuff. Note that it is specially designed and made here in the U.S. with responsible care to Earth. Definitely a store to check out!





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