Life in Chicago

Hi everyone! welcome back to First off I would like to say that a couple of friends and I have created an accessories online store, so please visit Also I would love to go back to my blog. Thankfully the sun is still out by 6PM, the time I got off of the office, so I may still got time daily to snap my outfit.

These days my life has been around work, pursuing my PMP certification, running, and also moving to Chicago downtown. I felt really down initially when I moved over from Iowa to Chicago suburbs. My life was pretty much work and stay at home. I got so disappointed many times that I thought of moving to another city to feel less lonely. But with friends and societies around me, I am always out there busy participating in events, so I feel a lot happier these days. I feel so blessed and happy with my decision to stay here.. Especially moving to Chicago downtown, I feel so pumped with the city life - a lot of things to do, friends, and good food!

Top - Abercrombie and Fitch, Shorts - Forever 21, Denim Top - Forever 21, Necklace -

Street style outfit! My friend actually helped me style this outfit for me for Micha's photoshoot. Anyway readers! Don't judge the city you are living in too quickly! Find a positive society around you, hang out with people who can be your friends, eat good food.. you never know if you will fall in love with the city you are living at!

Love from Chicago~




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