Meow Meow!

Winter this year is a never ending story, too much snow and too cold. Today finally I had the chance to take some of my outfit pictures. Lately I have been on YouTube a lot to steal some make up or hair do ideas, and I have been obsessed with many Korean facial care products. I am thinking to actually put some product reviews here, I hope I can share my experience with these products to my friends and readers.

Today I went out to eat Korean BBQ with my friend. I wanted to dress up, because I only have two days a week to do it - Sunday and Saturday. Today's highlight was the overall. So apparently this overall is 2 sizes smaller than my normal size. Apparently it still fit me! Hooray!~~ I added a sweater inside it instead of a t-shirt because it is cold outside today. I also covered my legs with my cute cat thighs from bornprettystore. To match my thighs, I pulled off my black cat hat that I got from Indonesia. How do you like my look of the day?

Overall - Forever 21, Sweater - Forever 21, Stocking - Born Pretty Store, Hat - Indonesia, Shoes - Forever 21 

I hope you have a warm and patient winter for those living on the Northern hemisphere of the earth. I cannot wait until the blooming spring comes!!!





  1. hey , i've missed you :) you're redhead now :P but u're beautiful :)

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