[DRAMA REVIEW] Let's Eat! 식샤를 합시다

I just finished the last episode of this light and cute drama, which has a unique story than others.

Summary of the drama
The drama is basically about a divorced woman, Lee Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) who really-really loves to eat. When she eats, she is so into her own world. The male lead is Goo Dae Young (Beast's Yoon Doo Joon), is a food blogger who knows a lot about the best places to eat food or the best food; he always describes food in such appreciative and enthusiastic way. So Soo Kyung, Dae Young, and Jin Hee (Yoon So Hee) are three neighbors living next to each other in an officetel. Soo Kyung does not go along with both of them initially, though because Jin Hee is so friendly and young, Soo Kyung feels like her sister and feels protective towards her making it easier for her to go along with Jin Hee. However, Soo Kyung feels rather suspicious towards Dae Young, because he looks like a suspect of the don't ask tragedy and he is an insurance salesman. Soo Kyung's story is made even more complicated because of his own boss, Attorney Kim (Shim Hyung Tak) harasses her because he initially tried to revenge on her because she rejected his love long time back and now he still likes her. Daily lives and episodes are always filled with the sexiness of their food and funny stories along their love lives.

Main Casts

Lee Soo Kyung as Lee Soo Kyung
Other shows played:
* Gold, Appear!
* Color of Woman
* You're here, you're here, you're really here!
* Can't lose
* Dae Mul
More here

Yoon Doo Joon as Goo Dae Young
Other shows played:
* A Thousand Kisses (cameo)
* All my love
* More Charming by The Day
More here

Yoon So Hee as Yoon Jin Hee
Other shows played:
* Big Man
* Love in Memory 2 - Dad's Notes
* Drama Festival - Surviving in Africa
* The Blade and Petal
More here

Shim Hyung Tak as Attorney Kim
Other shows played:
* Can We Love
* You're Great, Really!
* My Daughter Seo Young
* Welcome Rain to My Life
* Brain
* A Thousand Kisses
More here

I really liked the drama in general, it is light, funny, and interesting at the same time. I really liked it because the story line is not bland or something that you could easily predict. It is not too dramatic like the family of the dude is rich, and the female lead is poor. This drama also does not fall to a point where two couple misunderstand each other that they need to break up and cry and cry and cry like other typical dramas. Most of the stories here are really meant to be funny and entertaining; also it is very realistic, some things that really happen in real life. The character development and stories are also interesting. The only drawback of this drama is the fact that the love line sort of fall too late on the timeline; Soo Kyung just fell in love with the guy like close to the end of the drama, so it left us with little love stories, a lot of romance stories at the end (still funny ones though). Also this drama only played once a week, so it was a pain in the but* to wait for one episode everyweek. But now since they are all out, you can watch them simultaneously, lucky you! Overall I will give this drama 4.8/5.0. It has been something that I would be waiting to watch every week besides My love from the star and Emergency Couple, now Cunning Single Woman. I would want to rewatch it again!

Prepare for some foodgasms:

Where to watch?
I have been watching this drama on Viki.com, since I am a premium member I do not have a problem with too much Ads. Subbing has been great, too!

Let me know what you think of the drama! I'd be glad to chat around with you !




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