The Neons

All credit goes to my uncle who shot all these pictures below, I only post two pictures in this blog just because I want to focus more on the fashion side of it. Yes, Catherine has been in hiatus again, without meaning to. Today I was wearing a pair of neons that I collected from Forever 21. Probably not the most fitted outfit for Fall, but I just found them in my closet and they have not been loved much by me all these time, so I decided to give them some loves today! 

Top and skirt - Forever 21, Boots - Charlotte Russe, Coat - Old Navy , Statement Necklace - Gaudi 

Fashion tips alert! Unlike me, those who has big thighs probably should not wear this kind of skirt as it makes your thighs show. The best thing to wear for me as far as I know is an A-line skirt! They cover the top part of your thighs, so it is perfect! But those with enough confidence, I mean go ahead!! ~

Anyhow feels good to be back to my blog.. sorry my abandoned blog. Let me give you an old song I sang long time back, relax and enjoy the rest of your sundays!

Many loves xoxo,



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