Weird Friday

Top, sweater, denim - Forever 21, Shoes- Nine west 

Who comes to the office just because it is jeans friday? ... Me. Since last night I have been so pumped and excited to welcome Friday. Weird, since my manager clearly said that I could work from home and all the people in my team work from home today. But I decided to come to the office. Hey! when else can I come to the office not wearing business casual outfit?

But as soon as I was done with work at 1 PM today my energy drained.. I mean literally. The car rental guy called me today saying that the car I'm supposed to rent today is not available, so I needed to call my uncle to deal with the dude. Then now, my friends and brother are coming here to drive to Michigan, but the freaking rain is so annoying. It is pouring really hard outside. crap. tornado comes right when I need it.

Hope the rain goes by soon so that we all can hit Michigan by tonight and make it to the Titanic exhibition tomorrow at 9AM. 

Anyway to entertain you, I uploaded my first attempt of practicing the 2ne1 song called falling in love released this July. 




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