When heroes walk on the runway...

Not much to say cos my energy is totally drained, yet I want to show you what was going on yesterday... here are the three designs I created this past year and some of my favorite piece in each section of the runway..

Summer Days 
Dress by Catherine 
Shoes by Charlotte Russe
Model: Natalie Nithya

Chic Safari
Top and Pants by Catherine
Shoes provided by model
Model: Zoe McKimpson

I'm a woman, I'm a superhero...
Top and Skirt by Catherine
Shoes by JcPenney 
Model: Jazz. 

Models, thanks very much for modelling for me!! You guys are awesome. I remember if you guys ask me what to do I would say: "I am only a minor, I don't care what you guys do..."

My favorites:

Thank you also for my family and friends (my aunt drove from Chicago to watch the show, I feel really touched...) who came to watch the show. I really appreciate it. I hope one day I can create more much better pieces and you all are going to get the VIP tickets for the catwalk :)

Catherine Au Jong



  1. I like the chic safari look. It is very interesting how the face was painted to match with the pants of the model.

  2. Fantastic !!! Keep it up!



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