I'm Back, Audiences!

Nope this blog is not dead yet! This past winter break, I have been quite productive! Even though I am not actively styling myself and posting the pictures on this blog, I have been sewing several clothes and currently working on a gown! So I will share with you some of the stuff I have been working on, but some of the results are still secret!! To make it fun!

Today I just got a haircut, I don't know if I regret it.. I love the new feel because I have never got this hair style before, but I don't know I might look a bit weird I think. Anyway the pictures below is taken by my uncle and the dress is a christmas present from my aunt:

Vera Wang Black Dress

And this is one of the dress I sew for sample on my final project, but I turned out liking it and wear it for my birthday last December! Oh yea! I turned 21 by the way! ~ hooray!

some design inspiration for my CAD class.

Well that is as far as my fashion life goes these past months.. As I have told you I have worked on some other clothes that I still do not take picture of! So you will see once my judgment of showing it calls me!

Happy new year all! 2013 is gonna be GLAMOROUS!




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