Summer Resort

How is your summer going? My summer break is gone and I have been in school for a week doing classes. As much as I am excited to be back, I feel very exhausted adjusting to studying and going from class to class. I actually took this picture about two weeks ago when I was still in Illinois. 

This semester I am taking two textiles and apparel classes which are computer-aided design software class and apparel design and evaluation class. I really like both classes! I think I will really enjoy it. Talking about that class, my professor talked about Forever 21 being her favorite shop. Yes, I really love Forever 21 too! They are very trendy yet not costly! The outfit I wear in these pictures are from Forever 21 except the pants and the shorts. When I bought this shirt, it took me 30 minutes to decide whether or not to buy because I don't want to go around campus with my tummy showing!! But I decided to buy it because I realized I can always do something with it. So, today's trick from me.. if you really want to buy a clothing but you are not sure you can really wear it like that BUT you just totally really in love with it... BUY IT. cause you can always do something or adjust it. I would rather do that than dream and regret and regret and regret and regret. I will be so grumpy .... 

top and necklace - Forever 21




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