go Indonesia !

Have you been totally into olympics lately? Me too. I have been on TV watching their games and downloaded an app to keep track of the medals an the games. Weird, though, because this is my first olympic games, I never watched it before. 

I don't know if many of you know I am originally from Indonesia. Yes, we have collected only two medals so far. Through this post I would really want to show creativity and art through style. What I am wearing today is a batik dress, and batik is originated in southeast asia, where Indonesia is located. We have a lot of great artist who made batik out of wax and draw pretty patterns with their own hands. Amazing, huh? 

dress from my aunt, forever 21 blouse and shoes (red and white rings - Indonesian flag)

As much 'unsporty' as I look, I actually have joined a lot of sports team when I was in high school. Well in my primary school, I was the girl leader (according to me) that started the running race for every break. I was in basketball team (yes, to fix my sport grade in school to at least get 60%), swimming, bowling (if that counts), badminton, cheerleading, and modern dance later on senior high school. You wouldn't think a person like me would have completed all these right? But yes I did. Anyway! I want to cheer for Indonesia in this Olympic (hope they get more medal!) go Indonesia! Go go Indonesia!

and thanks to my dad (who is very perfectionist which means great I have a very patient photographer) who took my pictures here and on my previous post!

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Love the print on your dress!! It is very beautiful indeed! Have a great weekend Catherine!


  2. love the print of your dress, so pretty! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  3. really love the 1st pic! <3 and the dress is so adorable! <3


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