self-confident crisis, maybe

How was your fourth of July break? Was it fun? This week my dad from Indonesia and uncle's family came over for vacation. It was fun that I got to see my little cousins again. All activities restricted my time, so I have not been creating stuff for a while. Although in this fun time my mind always struggle thinking about negative and destructive things. 

I am not sure if it is only me or it is just natural as a girl/woman to think about how their body and face are. As for me, I have been complaining to my family about how chubby I am and how I think my face is .. ugly. I feel bad talking to my dad about this matter, but I have always think that way (yes, even though I look at myself on the mirror pretty often). As I open facebook or twitter, I just envy how nice people look and grow up, I envy them. Not that I want to do something with my face, but I kind of feel suck. Does that happen to you also? How do you advise yourself or treat yourself when you face this kind of self confident crisis? 

As you know I have started working or interning for two months, as for now most of the stuff in my closet are working apparel. I am thinking that I might need to change my style a bit as school starts, because I donated most of my old clothing and the things I have right now are my working outfit. Let's see how that start. But in these pictures I am showing you my new favorite heels I wore to work. It is tall and comfortable, so I like it very much!!

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Such a pretty dress! I love the polka dots!

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  2. Anonymous7/08/2012

    do face exercise dear! it helps ! you can browse it through google! ;)
    But I think you look cuter the way you are!

    hugs and kisses !

  3. you might want to learn to love urself mooore and more, and dont forget to always being surrounded by positive people! :) i hope that helps.

  4. Nice dress dear! Love it ^^ Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)

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  5. Love your dress!

  6. followed your blog you look extremely gorgeous! :)

    love the dress too!

    it'd mean so much if you follow me back :D


  7. you look so pretty love! what a great post :) I hope you had a wonderful 4th of july
    Ginger and Lace

  8. cute dress!!! i love it!
    you look great!
    i just following you, mind to follow back?
    take care!

  9. supa dupa love your dress ☺
    you look super pretty with it


  10. the dress and outer look cute on ya <3

  11. So far my July month is great! :) Love the outfit, Etin :)

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  12. You should love yourself no matter how you are. In fact, you are really pretty :)

  13. The shoes are gorgeous but the dress is just breathtaking~

    I love how you put the tunic over it~

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  15. perfect red dress!


  16. You look so pretty in that dress dear (:

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  17. You have what it takes to make this blog a success!

  18. i really love your dress and heels dear! you look adorable and lovely with them =) xx

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