Angel, Not.

I'm back again with my other design! Now instead of sewing only top or skirt, I have both top and skirt designed and sewed personally by myself. Actually I really like the top very much because the fabric (Crepe) and the design is not very regular. Today as I was taking picture (on the side of the street) and went out to a Japanese market, people's eyes were looking at me. I thought it was pretty embarrassing, but I felt better when a girl wearing a witch-look-a-like costume entered the market, at least someone else is accompanying me! :)

When I showed this to my uncle he told me that it looked like an angel, of course as it is a positive connotation I agreed to believe so! And thanks to my uncle, Jerry, and my aunt, Fiefie for agreeing to me to take picture here (I have been requested for a while) and taking many many many great pictures for me! If you want to see the sketch I drew for this outfit please do so down in this post! 

So, still think I am an angel? Good then!! :)




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  2. what a beautiful dress! and the scenery looks amazing <3

  3. it's so pretty!!
    I'm so amazed now :)

  4. you're so pretty with this outfit.
    can't stand how much i love your top!

  5. You look so beautiful & the background is just lovely!!! And thank you so much for the sweet comment and for following my blog!! I am following you back with pleasure!!

  6. wooo.. cool pictures. and i love your outfit so much and the view too. great view. love it >.<

  7. wow really cool outfit! i cant believe you made it by yourself! and i adore your skirt! i want it too! :'(
    but dont have that talent on sewing, and you, really got talent! CATHERINE GOT TALENT wuhuuuuu!! <3
    mind to follow each other? me alr following you! <3

  8. wooow thats looks so pretty on you! It's like it was made for you (okay.. so it was haha). Gorgeous! :)

  9. I'm Amazed that you design this angelic dress! ❤


  10. Anonymous6/18/2012

    wow, i hope i can designing and sewing too.
    I have a plan to enter fashion design school.
    Btw,thx for ur comment in my blog :)
    can we follow each other if u dont mind?

  11. How very feminine. This the direction the 60's should develop to.

  12. What a pretty, girly outfit. It looks so lovely when it flows!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  13. Hello dear! you look so pretty!
    I love your tops :)
    thank you for following me and dropped your words on my blog!
    followed you back! :D

    Wulan Wu on

  14. Oh my! I really fall in love with your top.. And it's really amazing that you did it yourself.. :D
    I wish we can make colaboration someday.. ;) <3 <3

  15. Gorgeous! Love how beautiful and flowy your outfit is!

  16. lovely outfit! you look pretty :)
    love your blog, i'm your new follower, mind to follow back? thank you :)


  17. very pretty skirt and necklase :)
    you look charming :-)

  18. Love your whole look! you are so talented girl! :D

    btw, I have a Romwe dress giveaway on my blog, if you want to join :


  19. love your skirt and collar! followed you, I hope you'll follow me back :)

  20. Angelic blouse indeed! That "cape" creation is a huge idea (: (: (:

  21. Those pieces are so cool! You look lovely


  22. Thank you for your nice comment! By the way, Nice post!
    Keep in touch, Gwen & Seg

  23. Aww, this is such a pretty outfit! I love the darling collar :)

  24. super love the top! <3


  25. your dress fits the scenery perfectly!

  26. very pretty outfit! <3 and i loveeeee your drawings!!!!
    have just followed your fab blog :)


  27. i love the cape on your top!!! it looks so chic and breezy!

  28. You are so talented to sew your own outfit!! I envy your sewing skills!!!!! Thank you for stopping by and sharing me your blog, I really like it. Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch?

  29. seriously you've made it by yourself?
    amazing design ♥ great photos,
    so, PERFECT ! you look like an angel there :D
    and where did you took those photos? hehe

    anyway, I have a giveaway too on my blog!
    MOST people said those are adorable give away, SO come visit and check my blog :)

  30. pretty you and beautiful view :)
    happy weekend!

  31. love ur feminine outfit!

  32. I LOVE IT!!! hehehe...I'm sure in a few months time if u keep sewing, ur handcraft will be much more fine.

    The top is gorgeous...


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