Summer time

Now that I spend about 80% of my day working in the office, my whole closet is full of formal blouses and blazers. Even the pants are only neutral color.. Going shopping to Forever 21, even, I look for something pretty formal (close to vintage clothing) instead of 'you know' sometimes crazy style of mine. That's why these days even to go out for dinner I need to dig through my 'summer' luggage, since all my clothes are left in Cedar Falls. Oh well, I need to adjust with being versatile -works with work and with day-to-day. Requires creativity, of course. 

forever 21 top, ring and shorts, icon ninety9 shoes, bag from mom, cascade hat, gaudi statement necklace

So what do I do this summer? Internship, yes I got an internship in McDonald's headquarter. Yes! Yes, for around the globe. It is really awesome right? I am working for their global IT group implementing technology for restaurants. You will see my projects sometimes in the future, since I need to keep it secret :) 
Everyday I play with hardware and network, new technology, and try to make it work. Sometimes I see machine from France (French language) or Germany, meet with my boss' boss in Paris, or people in Malaysia and Australia. It has been interesting even though it is kind of hard for me as I've never learned hardware and network before! 
Isn't it interesting? I figured out a lot of fashionista and bloggers are actually not really a fashion major. I see a lot of accountants, or science people who also love fashion! Hey, we are all in the same cubes! :) It's different thing that we do from 8am-5pm and 5pm onwards ^^

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Nice look :) Love all the photos! Following you <3

  2. Cute hat! Love the cobalt blue high waisted shorts. Your blog is so lovely =)

    Suzie Q

  3. congratulation for your new internship dear! it should be exciting!!!!! :D

  4. Wow! good for you! :) Our summer just ended yesterday :) Have fun this summer! :)

    Jewel Clicks

  5. Cute shorts! And congrats on the job! Have a great weekend.

    XX Hilary

  6. Super cute! <3

  7. Nice post dear! Loveee your outfit :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. Your look is adorable, love your shoes! :)


  9. Anonymous2/10/2013

    great blog, thank-you

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