green and purple

Showing you one of my first design this summer. Once I was browsing in a fabric store and I found this very unique fabric and I like it a lot because it has different colors and motive for its front and back side. One thing about this material, though, it is pretty difficult for me to work with as it is very sleek and slippery to sew together, but I made it! 

I also survived the first day of my internship! Survive seemed negative, I mean I enjoyed it. I got to meet other interns from all around the United States and some International students, too. We are going to meet every now and then so I am looking forward to see them again in other events! Tomorrow the real job will start, I cannot wait to see my boss! 

Catherine's skirt, Forever 21 top and necklace, Jeffrey Campbell look a like* , and Seattle Sunnies 

Please give me a feedback on how this skirt looks! I am very excited to hear comments from you and to know what to maybe fix next.




  1. you look pretty with this outfit ♥

  2. Lovely! like the combination. Colour blocking it is! :)

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  3. Anonymous5/16/2012

    gorgeous look!^^

  4. so cute! i love the color block <3 beautiful skirt !

  5. seriously!!! u never fail to make more color to be combination and u know what..i really love this look look fresh and yessss a new way to express more color combination! i love it it! :)


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