Figuring Out

Freedom! Finally I am done with the busy semester and now enjoying my one week long summer break since I am interning this summer. 
Throughout the time I have not blogged I have been questioning why am I here living? It is tough to think about it. One is never a gold, there is always hatred, but enduring it is not easy. I feel that I am naturally incapable. Lucky, but I have nothing to offer, really. Figuring out why did, do, and will I do? So much pressure and challenge I don't even know where and how to move on? 

zara top - thrifted blazer - forever 21 pants and flats

I just got my haircut today, hopefully it looks alright. I was wearing zara top, forever 21 pants and flats and thrifted blazer. I really love how the blue top and pants contrast together and how the shoes matches with the blazer. But I should have wear heels probably with more accessories on. I realize, it is close to the end of spring and I need to wear something springy looking to not miss my favorite season. 




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