I'm just an ordinary girl, nothing special

Yes, I did take pictures in a gloomy weather it was raining here, humid rain. and yes, I have not posted a bit of stuff for a while, that's because I just passed torturing two weeks of intense mid terms. But lucky enough I did pretty well in all of them, so I'm happy for that!

During this past week, I spend times with myself a lot. I kept thinking who I am really? I always feel afraid that people hate me, I'm always afraid that I'm not doing well even though people keep telling me that I have nothing to fear about. Do you know sometimes I even worry why my blog is not growing, even though I already have it for almost two years? I know.. that it is only a media to express ourselves. But why can others do better than me? Do you think I'm envious? I'm really afraid I am envious. Am I a perfectionist?? I feel that I am so scary... But these past weeks again just doing what people my age suppose to do: studying, talking a bit with friends, and work work work. It just reminds me again to hold to it, accept that I'm just an ordinary girl, nothing should be expected to be special.

My life might not be extravagant, no travelling day to day, going  to fashion show, working for a fashion company. But since I was little, fashion has always been in my heart. I should never stop dreaming and showing how I interpret my style. 

unbranded skirt and top - forever 21 oxford shoes





Taking pictures, not with superb camera, not a super quality either... Just ordinary ones. 
Clothing I wear, might not always have all sorts of brands.. It's okay to keep what I want now, I don't always need to buy new stuff, I don't always need to have what is new on every stores. 
I am growing my happiness for the future, following the flow just like what other people my age are doing. 

It's okay to be ordinary, right? What's wrong with that?

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Your life seems fun and you're a great writer. I love these photos and your fashion!! Great post

    Following you now, thanks so much for stopping by

  2. Such a pretty outfit! xx

    The Niknok Style

  3. cute shoes <3


  4. love your cute skirt :D
    thanks for following me dear, follow you back :)

  5. you are super pretty ♥
    nice outfit

    thanks for following back btw


  6. OMG! i can really said that it been awhile haven visit here.:) n i miss alot of story now! huh! :( bt never mind i try to catch up everything from now. hihi:)

    hope ur doing well n yeah! really love the picture u been taking! definitely great taste of fashion! :) well, gonna agreee with wat you trying to say:) been through the same things too but yeah! let work hard more! :)

  7. such a cute outfit!
    lovely blog dear!


  8. aw cuteee!! you look so pretty


  9. Why are U sad darling ? U shouldn't . My blog doesn't grow neither , but I'm not upset for that . U're such a cute girl , and i like your style . Love your shoes . Kisses from Romania :)

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