my love tale

So as I remember, last week or so I tweeted about wanting to post a really cool post. Now it is epic fail, my lens is broken because I dropped my camera to the ground, such a bad luck.
But for now I can only come up with cool pictures from the valentine's dance themed starry night 2 days ago! 

Do you have a plan for your valentine's day? It used to be a big thing for me when I was in high school, hoping that someone will take me out. Apparently, it does not seem so now. My so called love story or love history you name it, I am not interested anymore. I just enjoy being with family, friends, and myself. 

dorcas dress, ICONninety9 bow chunk heels





1 fact about me: I feel awkward when people hug me...


Were you like that? Just optimistic about love when you were younger.
And just want to enjoy the world as you grow older?

Nothing special in my love tale... Just me loving everyone around me and myself.

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Anonymous2/12/2012

    Sweet photos!^^ It seems like you had so much fun!^^
    I'm staying home with my family for Valentine's day :D It's so cold outside that I don't really wanna go anywhere :D To the shop for bread and chocolate and back home :D
    Have a great new week!

    xoxo Biser

  2. Great photo's, you looked lovely! I love the mustache photo haha

  3. Lovely dress! The pale peachy color is so pretty.
    Hmmm.. I had a business trip on Valentine's day, so I slept alone in an unfamiliar hotel room, and had a Valentine's day dinner with my coworkers! Not bad, actually!

    Happy LOVE day, Catherine!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  4. You look so lovely girl :) Like your shoes .

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