Feeling like an aviator, bringing my wishes travelling and dive the sky. We are ought to look for happiness and exploration.


 Right when I need help, my family always help me. This week,especially, I have been worrying about a lot of things. I felt pessimistic, searching and googling, "can I do it? can I do it?". I have been pessimistic a lot lately. I really like fashion, but am I the right person? sometimes I don't feel that I am... Not because I don't like it, I like it very much. But I am afraid.. that I don't have the chance and I'm afraid that I do not have the ... skill. 

Right when I need it, a help. I have been pretty depressed with my blog lately. Don't seem like etinology has pretty good posts lately.. I know this supposed to be fun, I know. But even posts I do never seem to satisfy me. I really want to create good pictures, I really do. Snow, wind... and much more things does not allow me to do so. Actually two weeks ago I just broke my lens because my camera (on tripod) fell to the ground when I was taking picture.

I feel so sad and lost. Where will my plane fly? where will I end up? Is it going to fall soon? Do I have a co-pilot to help me? I do not know where this lead me?


 Right when I need them, my familiy... they advised me. My aunt told me that If I think it is impossible now, then it will be even harder in the future. I'm still young and I need to work hard, make it possible,
My brother helped me today taking pictures of me.. even though most of the pictures are blurry (sorry bro! I will teach you photography in the future) I really want to thank him.
Thank you my family for being my co-pilot saving my wishes and my plane to keep flying.. hopefully until it reaches the destination.

my brother!

Keep dreaming.. and work hard to reach your dream!

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Just found your blog, I love the jacket with the leggings and your shades. You look like a movie star :)


  2. perfect!! your boots was so amazing <3

  3. Kisses girl . Cheer up :)

  4. cool :)
    follow me on http://alvinary.blogspot.com/ , please :)

  5. you're such a pretty girl. love your fur coat :D
    i'm your new followers.
    if you dont mind please followback my blog.xoxo


  6. love ur jacket! btw , cheep up! :D


  7. Anonymous2/26/2012

    Beautiful and warm outfit!^^ Like it so much!<3

  8. super cute and it look great on u! :)


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