yesterday's yesterday

Ok I lied.  I thought I will blog once I'm home, but now I have a quality 5 minutes to post my regular college day outfit!
So this picture was taken two week ago before I did finals, so my face was still okay.

My favorite 5 minutes college class preparation: crop top, leggings (especially during winter!), outer layer (cardigan or so), skirt! and of course boots! I don't usually wear glasses. I found myself usually look funny with sunnies. But this time I wear it anyway to add the edginess of my look! It's fast and look undone. I feel like it is so mixed, but when you're in college it still looks 'fashionistic' while giving it a bit casual feel. What do you think? Share with my your daily college look!



Catherine Au Jong



  1. i love your outfit. i think it almost look like harajuku style ^^. anyways, i really love your boots.

    catherine, i heard you will come to jakarta?? when??? FYI, jakarta is very hot!

  2. love your sunglasses! <3

  3. Hah? No snow just yet? Kirain udah musim salju di North... Anyway, I'm tagging you in my newest Four Questions post. Please check it out, ok. ^_^

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  4. Anonymous12/17/2011

    Lovely outfit!<3


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