"you can be the buyer!"

So this post is about my story when I met my professor slash my adviser yesterday. Some of you might know that I have been struggling with my future. I just can't deal with that Que Sera Sera song when they said "Whatever will be, will be.. the future's not ours to see". Nope, I just want my future to be clear, organized and planned, neat huh?

prettyfit shoes, mohair pear hat, unbranded dress, sammoon bag 


I came to my professor's office, who happened to be an accounting professor, my major. And talked to him on how accounting is not in my top list of my favorite things, how hard my life has been when I am dealing with this major, and so on, and so forth (note that I always talk a lot when I nag and beg). I have been desperate with this major, in general. That is why I came there, because I envy those people that can work for fashion industry and study fashion: design, journalism, clothing line, you name it. I really envy you.
And for so long I have realized that I have no advantage over other people in fashion industry. Have you realized? It is so competitive! Right?




And the conversation arrived at one point when I told him. "Really, these business thing... It is not me" And so he asked me what do I like, then? So I answered, embarassedly, "well, fashion is what I like..." And so he looked a bit surprised and just smiled. "With accounting you can do anything, you can be the buyer for Neiman Marcus, or those store". This sentence all of sudden enlighted me to stay in this major. He explained to me that it is perfectly fine for me, who like fashion, to stay with business and accounting major. Because even with my business degree, I can stand out in the industry. I can be the buyer, or even own my own business in fashion. I went back with a smile and now... yes, I need to study. What?... Hm... Accounting?
Because I know that fashion by itself... is competitive. So I need to differentiate, through my business (Accounting) and Computer (Information System) knowledge. Then pursue my fashion design passion after I am done with these major. It will safer and better for me.



So who says that if I am a business woman I cannot develop my fashion passion? I can stand next to you and be the player , oops! the diva in fashion industry. For you who are business majors, don't worry! We will ROCK it! :)

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Being a buyer would be a good way to fuse your love of fashion and your business knowledge. I would recommend taking the Merchandising/Buying class offered in the TAPP department too, since you learn exactly what it is to be a buyer in the apparel industry.
    Another helpful class for being a buyer in the TAPP department would be Fashion Trend Analysis. In this class you learn how to process trends before major publications come out with theirs. Being a buyer, it is important to be ahead of trends so you can bring them to your store!
    Good Luck!

  2. This dress is really pretty, love the colors on it ^^



  3. this is such a lovely dress and go ahead with your buyer dreams!

  4. Of course you can! And you will succeed!
    I adore this outfit and the hat is ah-mazing!

  5. Aslong you keep your passion for fashion, I'm super sure you can achieve your goals ^___^ don't give up la!
    I really love your dress and that necklace <3 it's matching very well :) and you look so CUTECUTE again!


  6. I love your dress! So colourful and cheery!
    The thing about being a buyer is that they accept most degrees. I applied for a Buyer position with Next with a Psychology degree and they actually accepted me. Unfortunately, it was a competitive position and I lost out in the later stages of the recruitment. My point is though, most fashion positions are pretty open :)

  7. I love your dress and your blog. I think that you should prepare yourself as much as you can and then you can decide where to work. Fashion designers are nothing without buyers.I´m following you now. I´ll be vary happy if you follow me back honey. Thanks. www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  8. Mad love to you babe!!! I'm in accounting and just like you I struggled bcoz Accounting is not what I love.

    But then someone told me that my passion for fashion would be enough for me to stay in there and the extra knowledge from Accounting could help me understand the business side of fashion so I won't just stay afloat but compete with the best of the industry~

    Dont worry abt it because Accounting is crazy hard mainly bcoz we dont like the subject but it will b worth it~

  9. i think you are right ^^ i know some people from the fashion industry and they actually told me that it would be much easier if they had taken another course that's not Fashion. Sometimes journalism and the business industry are other ways to enter fashion and it's better because you'll get a more diverse knowledge. I really think you can menage everything and still develop your fashion passion ;D
    good luck sweetie <3
    Love * Sofia

  10. Anonymous9/23/2011

    your dumb

  11. You are lovely when you smile :) Like it all .. sandals , bag , dress .. girlie necklace .. :)

  12. Lovely outfit! I like it ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  13. love the dress!!!

    xoxo from rome

  14. I have studied fashion design and worked in the industry for 2 years as an assistant buyer. it is very hard work, but it can be worth it! if you think you suit this industry then follow your dreams :)


  15. Happy for you that you're found what to do, great organization it is calmer after.

    Your dress is really beautiful, it inspires the joy of living ha ha
    *sorry for my bad english*

  16. I love your dress!! It is just gorgeous. :) x

  17. OMGasdfg!! That dress! :) I love the dress :) you're fab too :)


  18. love your bag!always look cute jong<3
    call me Diiiyn!

  19. That's rite! I'm from engineering background and now specializing in office management, and some time ago I got a job offer as a professional buyer for one of those highly expensive brands! THe job will include flying to Paris and Milan twice a year to shop! Cool rite!
    I turned it down though, because though I love fashion, I don't want it to become a job. Just a hobby.
    So, don't worry, Catherine. There are sooo many things you can do with accounting! All business, all industries, including fashion, has the same blood: money, which means, you need accounting, haha!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  20. such a cute dress! and your professor is right - you can be a buyer and travel the world! xx

  21. Pretty blog and cute outfit ^^
    I'm following you, follow me too :D


  22. so cuteee! Love your dress and necklace, especially the colors!

  23. That is such a cute and colorful dress :D! xx

  24. Great outfit and photos! Like the dress! :)


  25. your professor is so thoughtful!
    I always want to pursue my dream that relates to fashion industry and I knew that I have passion in magazine.
    Well, maybe I still don't get in there, but I'm sure I will someday(:

    I hope you will live in that dream and make it happen!(:

    Cute outfit <3<3

    Dreamy Princess

  26. this striped dress is totally stylish. and it seems that you 've found your professional way :D


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