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I know I haven't updated my blog for a while, and that is not because I quit blogging. I love my blog, and I just met a lot of new students in my University from all across the world. They are nice and we played together a lot, so I didn't have enough time  to blog for quite a while.

But today I am going to pay it with something interesting! My first interview! And since today is Indonesia's birthday, so I am interviewing a really cute girl from Indonesia: Veren Lee from .a little princess.

Name: Veren Lee
Blog: A little princess (veren-emon.blogspot.com)
Age: 14 years old
Style: cheerful, girly, chic, and cute!
First time blogging: 2009

What are the happiest and hardest things about being a fashion blogger?

The happiest things about being a fashion blogger for me are
- I can express my passion in fashion,
- Share that passion with other fashion bloggers,
- and when I got free clothes from sponsors! :P

The hardest things are
-when I can't update my blog properly like other bloggers, and it starts to be a pressure to me.
-when people criticized me with hurtful words

What do you think make you different than other fashion bloggers?

Hmmm. Honestly I don't know how should I answer this question because I really don't know what make me different than other fashion bloggers. But I think you can ask this to my readers, perhaps? ;)
Oh yes, In my opinion you are a very true blogger, you reflect your personality in your looks really truly :) and you are cute!

If you can pick your favorite look, which one will it be?

So far, my favorite is "mustard"

How did your family and friends respond when they know that you are in fashion magazine and stuff? How do you feel?

At first they were shocked because they didn't know anything about this. Especially my parents. But when I got featured in fashion magazines, I told my parents about it and I explained about my blogging activity to my parents and they supported me. And that made me happy.

One thing you have learnt as a blogger?

By blogging, I've improved my self and learn something new about many things (fashion, life,etc.)

Something you want to share to other bloggers to succeed?

"Be confident with what you wear because everyone has their own style. And always make your blog interesting because it's a strong point to get visitors :)"

Thank you Veren for a very nice interview! You are a very friendly blogger and I hope you can succeed further! And also I hope the readers can take some points from this interview and grow!

And.. Happy birthday Indonesia!

Catherine Au Jong



  1. Your outfits are flawless! I love everything about them!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.
    btw. FASHION IMPERATIVE is hosting a first giveaway and I'm sure you will like it! We would love you to take a part in it!

  2. What a great post - really enjoyed it x


  3. Hi cutie ! Thanks for following my blog =) It means a lot to me ! I am following back cause I love your blog !


  4. Wow! congrats for the interview!
    You are really super cute!^^

  5. Hello!!! Thanks for following me~ I've been following you for a very long time...love your blog, your photos and of course your style~ ;D

  6. She is really cute and smart!I like the questions too, they are very original especially when you ask what makes her different from.other bloggers!

  7. LOVE the yellow outfit!!!!!
    you look lovely :)


  8. Fantastic interview!! :) x

  9. Oh I lovelove this girl ^___^
    One of my favorite fashion blogger!
    Enjoyed the interview, and thanks!


  10. Such a lovely interview, love all the outfits.


  11. ya i knew her! thanks for sharing sweety

  12. Welcome back.... Aww she's soooo cute and stylish. I was still dressing like a little boy at her age.


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